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작성일 : 12-12-21 13:25
Jeanne's comments help me express what I think
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Everyday, I almost used to read my teacher's comments which was written after our class.
I think that it helps me express our situation in english. She commented the points that are good or worse in our class.
Reading the articles are so beneficial for me and it's so easy to understand what they meant. Because the comments had been discussed during our class. Moreover, she corrected my wrong sentences among the words that are conversed in class during our class. I usually write and read corrected by my teacher,Jeanne after our class.
These days, I think of me by myself... My ability of speaking in english has risen up gradually. So, everyday, I'm dreaming the scene that I deliver my speech in front of many persons in English. It's so fantastic and crazy me even thoug it's just dream... In Korean words, "Dreams will be came true"...
Thank you, teacher, Jeanne.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!
Sincerely Park Seung Yu (박승유)
from Seoul.

messenger 12-12-21 13:34
I was a soldier who is work for Airbone army and I got an accident when I was 27years old. Now, I'm disabled... But that's no problem. The disability can't pull me to the dark because I have a dream that have to do before God necessarily...

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