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작성일 : 13-01-10 20:53
Happy New Year.. I hope that your dream come true this year.
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Hi. Philippines Company and my teacher Jeanne...
How are you doing?
I'm doing well in Seoul even though it's very cold that we rarely experienced something like  the coldest winter.
Some days later, we will get a our the largest festival, 설날, which means 'New Year' the way like this lunar.
I hope you have a huge blessings from God this year and your home have a peace continuously.
These days, I think that I really appreciate this company as to the reason why you have so good teachers. I took a english class at this company from last year... I think that it's almost 1 year... I estimate by myself, it's some shy, but I developed so much to speak, write and listen. Especially, I'm thinking my level of speaking is changed unbelievable. Of course, when I speak english, I usually misused the word and grammar but I could continue my sentence what I want to say. It makes me really crazy and excite when I'm speaking.
Now, my teacher is Jeanne. She is really kind, correct, right and very good-pronuced person. She is teaching very well... I am contented with her... I don't want to change my teacher..., Of course, I have a little bit of mind to experience another teacher because of the reason why I want to hear another pronunciation and skills to teach and someday, I will get something like that experience. But absolutely, I will return to my teacher Jeanne. Because she is the master of teaching especially about correcting and writing my sentences when I speak on the bulltine board. So I could study the sentences what I expressed by correcting to the right grammar after our class. I'm sure that her class is privilege and a luxury goods.
In short, at this poin,t I will conclude my point. The company and teachers are so good and perfec and help us forward to our goal... Thank you very much and God bless you... Bye-bye...

Jeanne 13-01-16 15:18
Greetings Mr. Seung Yu.

  I'm doing fine as well as our company. It must be terribly cold there. I heard that it's going to snow today so please be careful in driving. Your comments really fattens my heart and though I know they are overstatement, because I think I am still lacking, I really thank you for them. All the improvements you have are all because of your effort and I just do  my job as best as I can. In our classes, you are really very enthusiastic and always remember each correction I made. You give your best. You do what you are asked to and you enjoy what you are doing. This is the most important thing. I know that someday,no, soon, you will really be able to express your thoughts fully in English and you will be successful in achieving your goal. I know that sometimes I make mistakes but will always try to avoid doing so. Just as you say that my classes are a privilege for you, it is the same with me. I learn a lot from our classes and you give me helpful information and inspirational stories. I hope you continue with your passion and have a great day!

                                  - Jeanne^^

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