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작성일 : 13-03-02 22:00
My teacher Jam is having a good talents that teach us well.
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These days, I got a class with Jam. At the first time, I thought that she was so sharp and unkind because of her western image. But now, that is my misunderstanding. She is really kind and teaches me very well. And I got an one lesson from this experience. The lesson is we must not estimate others before we become knowing somebody well. She speaks english very fast and especially, I like it. Of course, at the first time, I didn't a little bit  understand due to her speed but now, I'm likely to kind of get it. For me, I was really weak at listening and now, I'm still weak at that but I feel my listening level is upgrading gradually... I'm so happy. Thank you teacher Jam for instructing me...

nightwalker 13-05-22 13:01
I totally agree with you. Theacher Jam is a well orgarnized and warm hearted person. And even she is so faithful. I've taken lesson from her a couple of years. She've always been kind and great. I bet if you contact her, absolutely you'll like her. I think you are lucky just like me.

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