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작성일 : 13-04-11 20:06
My present teacher is Jam and she really leads me to be a good speaker.. She is my lucky.
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My teacher is Jam..
It is certainly my lucky to meet teacher Jam in this company.
I believe that she is so nice and kind for teaching me even if I didn't listen to  and understand what she said.
So, I don't have any burdens while studying with her.
Moreover, whenever I got many of mistakes to speak and express something in english, she corrected my wrong speaking and __EXPRESSION__s very kindly and slowly.
These days, I felt my speaking levels is getting better and she is trying to improve my usual mistakes.
Additionally, I've never been experienced her irritations during her teaching. I've really never seen her annoying and irritated attitued towards me...
Even though she is very young, she looks like very matured, grown up and intellectural.
Especially, she has a pronounciation of american style and speaks very fastly. If we take her our teacher, it would be our huge lucky.
If you strongly would like to speak in english fluently, I sincerely recommend you to choose teacher Jam.
Maybe, you will present  me your thanksgiving.
You guys!!!  I hope the ways of you is shined with bright light in eternity.
I bless your whole family through the name of Jesus Christ


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