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작성일 : 13-12-31 16:21
이곳에서 거의 2년을 공부한것 같네요..
 UserID : seungyupark  Nickname : messenger
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Firstly, I really appreciate my truly teacher like Jeanne, Jam, Melisa, Stacy, Mycar and so on... I think myself of my improvment of English speaking level. If I express it just shortly... It's amazing.. Beyond description.. I speak english a little bit well, very fast whithout any hesitation even though a little I constructed wrong sentencess when I speak. But that's no problem for me to go ahead. I think it's all thanks to my teachers. Next year, finally, I will go to USA to meet the original American and  a bit I am nervous of how I can listen to original english prounciation but I can guess that absolutely I will get it. Because I've already had a plenty of confidence to speak english in front of anyone. So, if I don't understand what American said, I would say "I beg your paron..English is my second language" very calmly...hahaha... Anyway, I hope this company go forward in some parts of economy, services and qualities. Lastly, my teachers!!! really really I send my thankful minds to you... You are surely very meaningful and precious person in the world.. Due to you, I got a new vision enve though my disability. Thank you my teacher Jeanne and Jam and so on..Bye-bye...
Postscript : This company's boss 송재호 is really good person. Maybe, for around 2 years, I kept in touch with him and I have never experienced not good feelings with him over everythings that we had to deal with something. He is a real and authentic person... Thank you 송재호... Have a plenty of blessings from God and I hope you have a good family.


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